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Európska Únia This project have been realized with the support of the European Union
Place of the project realization : Nám. Dr. A. Schweitzera 170/18, Stará Turá, Slovak republic
Project name : Introducing innovative technologies and increasing the competitiveness of society K & M INNOVATION, s.r.o.
Brief description of the project: The aim of the project is the competitiveness growth by increasing innovative activities by acquiring an innovative CNS lathe.
Specific objectives:
  • Growth of competitiveness and added value through the acquisition of innovative technology.
  • Creating an environment for increasing the company's innovation potential.
  • Creating new jobs specifically for young unemployed people under 29 years.
Initial status: K & M INNOVATION, s.r.o. is focused on engineering production, metal machining by turning and milling, pressing various kinds of material. The production of the company is focused on custom production, while the company produces components for further processing by other manufacturing companies from the region, other parts of Slovakia, but also from the Czech Republic, Germany or Belgium. The creation of job places, the growth of competitiveness, the increase of added value and revenues, the growth of the quality of the production process, the growth of the innovation potential of the company will be the result of the immediate effect of the aid, which shows the necessity of project implementation. Regarding the starting position in terms of market position, there is very strong competition in the region in which the company operates. Trenčín region is known for many years of tradition in engineering production. At present, there are many engineering companies operating in the region, which on the other hand is positive, as the target group of customers are mostly companies dealing with engineering production. Post-project implementation: Procurement of innovative CNC lathe, increasing innovation potential by purchasing technology with innovative elements, streamlining the production process, increasing quality and production capacity, expanding the product portfolio, increasing the flexible response to market requirements, increasing competitiveness, added value and sales, creating new and maintaining current job positions, promoting employment in the region, developing the company and supporting the development of the region, contributing to the objectives of the strategy papers. The expected state will be ensured by the implementation of the project, which consists of the main activity directly linked to the main and specific objectives of the project.
Name and address of the beneficiary: K & M INNOVATION, s.r.o., Nám. Dr. A. Schweitzera 170/18, 916 01 Stará Turá, Slovak republic
Project start date: 11/2015
Project completion date: 12/2015
Logo of the Operational Program:: Operačný program KONKURENCIESCHOPNOSŤ A HOSPODÁRSKY RAST
Name of Managing Authority:: Ministry of Economy of the Slovak Republic represented by: Slovak Innovation and Energy Agency
Link to the website of the managing authority and the operational program concerned:: | |
Contribution granted: 108 250,00 EUR
Photodocumentation of project activities implementation Fotka realizácie